Attendify Streaming: Sharing Your Audio from A Third-Party Source (Loopback Guide)

During your session, you may want to play music or share a video with audio. If you use your internal microphone for picking up the sound, that will result in worse audio quality and connectivity for your viewers. Or if you embed the video into your Powerpoint presentation, for instance, the sound won't be sharable.

But there's a solution to share great quality audio without an impact on the session's connectivity or sound loss.

This will work for an event organizer or a speaker who wants to play their audio during the Attendify Streaming session. This will allow you to pick up the audio from any third-party source, including a PowerPoint presentation and your browser-based video recording.

Loopback for Mac OS

Loopback is a third-party application that allows you to share audio during the Attendify Streaming session successfully (you would need to purchase a Loopback subscription to be able to hold a session with shared audio that is more than 20 min long).

To arrange that, please follow the next steps:

  1. Download Loopback for your Mac - here's a direct link.

  2. Set yourself up as a Speaker on Attendify.

  3. Open your Loopback app and hit the New Virtual Device button next to the "+" icon:

4. Hit another "+" icon to add a new source, and select the application you want to share a video from:

5. Go to Sound Settings on your Mac and select Loopback Audio as your Input Source:

6. Join Your Attendify Streaming Session as a Speaker and make sure your Speaker source is Loopback Audio:

Some extra tips:

  1. To share your recorded audio and your microphone simultaneously, you will just need to add additional Source to the Loopback and select your microphone as a second Source:

2. As soon as you have configured everything, you can check the Mute when capturing to stop hearing a specific sound source on your own headphones. Your viewers will be able to hear everything regardless, but you'll be given some time in silence.

The guide for sharing audio on Windows will be coming shortly.

Reach out to if you have any questions!

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