One-Event App Discontinuation

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Back in July 2020, we announced our plans to discontinue branded One-Event apps. As of September 2020, we no longer accept new One-Event app submissions, and as of mid-April 2021, we disabled the ability to add new One-Event apps to your Attendify Dashboard:

  1. Why discontinue One-Event apps?

  2. What replaces One-Event apps?

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Why discontinue One-Event apps?

One-Event apps were designed years ago at a time when the industry looked very different and branded apps were the preferred format. Apple App Store policy change of late 2017-2018 made it very difficult to publish and maintain One-Event apps, but we continued to provide them to help customers navigate the transition.

Now, in a post-COVID environment, we're embarking upon making Attendify the best engagement platform to help manage virtual, hybrid, and real-live events. To achieve that mission we need to look ahead and focus on our branded Multi-Event app, Attendify app, and our Virtual Experience. Rest assured that mobile is more important to our platform than ever, but the one-event app format is no longer sustainable.

What replaces One-Event apps?

Anyone looking to have a fully branded event app will only benefit from switching to the Multi-Event app. The Multi-Event app provides the same experience inside of a fully branded event container while offering more features and instant event publication. You can also renew the same Multi-Event app every year.

Learn more about the benefits of a Multi-Event app here.

Alternatively, you can always choose to publish your event within the Attendify App. This option also has its branding options inside and offers instant event publication without a need to obtain your own Apple Developer account.

Learn more about how Attendify App differs from a fully-branded option here.

Additional resources

You can learn more about our available mobile app options, as well as get access to the live sample below:

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