Drive real sponsorship value at virtual events and show results to your vendors

With virtual events being the new normal, sponsors are struggling to get their brand and messaging across to attendees. Providing them with a meaningful and worthwhile presence in your virtual event environment is an excellent way to solidify those relationships and drive ROI.

Attendify makes turn-key event sponsor and exhibitor engagement a reality, and below are some of the options we offer:

  1. MeetNow - Personal, real-time sponsor conversations via chat & built-in video. Use MeetNow, Attendify’s 1:1 live video conferencing feature, to connect sponsors and attendees for real-time, face-to-face conversations. Attendees can initiate a video call in just one click from your sponsor’s virtual booth, similar to visiting exhibitors in-person. Please, note - a streaming package is required to support this feature.

Sponsors can accept 1:1 video conferencing calls and connect with attendees right in the browser. There’s nothing to download or install; just invite your event sponsors to join your virtual event, and they can start connecting with attendees in real-time.

2. Networking tools for event sponsor reps - event sponsor teams have access to the same virtual networking tools as attendees. Exhibitor representatives can customize their individual profile, view all event attendees and send private messages to other participants.

3. Conversion-driven virtual booths for sponsors - create content-rich, dynamic sponsor pages and virtual booths with images, videos, product listings, downloads, multiple customizable CTA buttons & more to ensure your event sponsors can drive brand awareness, generate high-interest leads, and achieve ROI at virtual tradeshows.

  • Branding Options: Event hosts can now leverage our enhanced sponsor profiles that are complete with cover images and videos with CTAs, easy-to-modify headlines and company bios, social media widgets, and so much more.

  • Media Gallery: Event hosts and sponsors can upload any number of photos, as they’d like, as well as videos by simply adding Youtube, Vimeo, and Wistia links to their profile’s media gallery to attract and engage attendees.

  • Product Listings: We added customizable, robust product listings to our sponsor profiles. This means the full details on any number of products, or services, can be added to the sponsor’s page with individualized CTA offers and optional pricing.

  • Custom CTAs: Fully customizable call-to-actions (CTAs) are now available within our sponsor profiles and provide the flexibility to link to unique offers to generate leads, run event promotions, or to support any other type of sponsor-driven campaign.

  • Live Video Calls: Featured prominently on sponsor profiles is MeetNow, our real-time video conferencing and 1:1 live meeting solution that’s designed to drive better quality attendee interactions at peak interest.

  • Content & Downloads: Sponsor’s profiles can be supplemented with unique content downloads and can link directly to relevant speakers, sessions, or even to other event sponsors’ content to support partnerships.

  • Sponsor Level/Industry/Location/Tag can be added for advanced search & filtering

4. Sponsored sessions - offer your top sponsors more visibility via allocated time slots within keynotes (an introduction, a short pitch...) or an entire session altogether. Content can be live or pre-recorded and they'll have a live chat for collecting questions & leads.

5. Mention the top sponsor on the cover image of your event. This can be updated anytime (replacing this image on a daily basis).

NEW!!! Feature your sponsors on the Town Hall - their interactive logos are clickable & rotate every few seconds:

6. Include promotional text in the welcome note of your event.

7. Create a dedicated menu section to promote the main sponsor's products & services (apart from the other sponsors):

8. Create a dedicated schedule for Sponsor Demos to make it easily accessible. Sponsors & attendees can use the chat (on the right side) to interact and have discussions. This is also a place where sponsors & exhibitors can post their offers.

9. Let your sponsor(s) post promotional offers on the Activity Stream (or post on their behalf). The recommended image proportion is 16x9.

10. Send push notifications to remind attendees about the special offers your sponsors have.

We're constantly working on releasing new and exciting features for our customers, and below are some of the items we'll be working on in 2021:

1) Sponsor & exhibitor management - we know it takes effort to build out a company profile, we want to save you time! Vendors will be able to manage & customize their own page independently, so that event planners can focus more on managing their agenda.

2) Offers - we’ve reimagined our Sponsored Post feature into a more comprehensive solution we’re calling “Offers.” These are just like the types of ads you see in Facebook or Twitter as you browse your feed, only now you’re in control.

3) Sponsor/exhibitor analytics that drills down to the most granular data (document downloads, specific pages views, etc) - we want vendors to have access to their own analytics and we are committed to making this happen by the end of 2021.

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