Vimeo Integration

Attendify Vimeo integration is a great option to provide video, live stream, and simulive experience to your attendees. This article explains how to best configure your Vimeo content to share with your participants via Attendify.

The article is broken down into several parts for easier navigation:

1. Configuring Vimeo Settings for Attendify Schedule Sessions

2. Embedding Vimeo Video/Stream into Attendify Schedule Sessions

3. Frequently Asked Questions

4. Configuring Vimeo Videos for Attendify Sponsor and Exhibitor Profiles


1. Configuring Vimeo Setting for Attendify Schedule Sessions

Your Vimeo video or live stream can be fully integrated into the Attendify Virtual and Mobile Experience. Vimeo offers various Privacy Settings to a single video, stream, or event. All Vimeo privacy options are explained here.

❗️ When creating a Live event, please make sure to switch from the default Recurring setting to One-time event. Recurring events aren't supported on mobile.

While multiple Who can watch? options are supported on Attendify, we recommend to select one of the following two:

  • Anyone

  • Hide from

People with private links option is not supported.

Also, since password protection adds an extra step for attendees when joining a session, we do not recommend using it.

Vimeo also allows you to restrict the ability to embed your content under Where can this be embedded? privacy settings. Embed Anywhere is the only option that is fully* supported.

* If you pick up the Specific Domains option and add to it, your session will only be accessible on Attendify Virtual Experience on the web, but not through the Attendify Mobile app.

If you wish to restrict access to your Vimeo content, you can use the following options:

  • select Hide from under Who can watch? settings on your Vimeo account

  • restrict access to your Attendify event

  • remove the share button from your Vimeo account (see the details in the FAQ section below)

2. Embedding Vimeo Video/Stream into Attendify Schedule Sessions

As soon as your Vimeo video or live stream is created, you will just need to copy the link to it and paste it into your Schedule on Attendify event builder. Please see the detailed step by step guide here.

📌 We strongly recommend testing your Vimeo live experience on Attendify in advance of your event date. You would just need to re-create the same live experience for the date when you need to start the live stream for your attendees.

3. Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I hide the Vimeo logo completely to white-label my video/streaming experience?

A: Yes, you can. Just navigate to your Vimeo video/stream Embed Settings > Customization > disable Show Vimeo logo.

Q2: Can I remove the ability for attendees to copy the Vimeo link from within Attendify, to exclude the possibility they will share the link with non-attendees?

A: Yes, you can do that for Vimeo videos and recorded streams. Just use the following Vimeo video/stream settings:

  • Under Who can watch? Privacy Settings please select Hide from option (any but Who can watch?: "Anyone" settings support share button removal).

  • Under Embed > Actions settings please disable Share and Embed options.

  • Please customize your Vimeo Interaction Tools > End Screen. Your End Screen and overall Interaction Tools settings must not include Share Options.

When it comes to Live Events on Vimeo, you cannot completely remove the URL from your session screen. Vimeo does not offer to hide the Embed button for Live Streams. So the Embed code with a URL link (see example below) is not removable for Live Events. As soon as your live stream is over, you can remove the Embed option completely to share your recorded stream without the URL link moving forward.

📌 As a Vimeo content owner, you will see the share button regardless of the settings you have. So, please test your Vimeo session on Attendify through the Incognito browser window.

Q3: Do you support Vimeo Captions and Subtitles?

A: Yes, Vimeo Captions and Subtitles are supported. You can create subtitles in a few languages that every attendee will be able to select under the CC icon within their session window.

Configuring Vimeo Videos for Attendify Sponsor and Exhibitor Profiles

In order to add your Vimeo video into a Sponsor profile under Cover Video, Media gallery, or Product Media gallery, you would need to make sure your Vimeo video has the following settings:

Who can watch?

  • Anyone

Where can be embedded?

  • Anywhere

Other options are not currently supported.

Have further questions about Vimeo integration? Reach out to us at or chat with us on any Attendify web page.

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