What Features Do I Get in the Attendify Engagement Platform?

This article provides an overview of the features available in the Attendify Engagement Platform that includes a mobile event app and a virtual experience on the desktop:

  1. Main Features Available in the Attendify Virtual Experience Platform

  2. Main Features Available in the Attendify Event App

  3. Our Roadmap

  4. Product Samples to Download

1. Main Features Available in the Attendify Virtual Experience Platform

We built Attendify Virtual Experience platform with two goals in mind:

1) As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its devastating impact on the event industry, we set out to build a meaningful solution that would work equally great for virtual and hybrid events and help the event industry become more resilient to potential shocks.

2) There is long been market demand for a robust event experience on desktop that would help drive attendee engagement and networking on par with event apps.

To solve these challenges and create meaningful experiences across virtual, hybrid, and in-person events, we've added, and continue to add, a number of features to the Attendify Virtual Experience platform. Most of these features are available on both the desktop & mobile versions of our platform:

1. Town Hall (desktop only). This is your event's home page that reproduces the feeling of "walking in" to the venue — without the clunky 3d simulation environments.

2. Activity Stream. One of the prominent engagement features that shows up as soon as you join the event. This is the social feed of your entire event, where attendees can post messages & images as well as leave their likes and comments. Available on both desktop & mobile versions.

3. Community & Private Messaging. A great way for users to see all attendee profiles and network with each other via private 1:1 chats. Available on both desktop & mobile versions.

4. Schedules and Personalized Agenda. See the layout of the entire schedule and instantly jump between sessions available to you. Available on both desktop & mobile versions.

5. Attendify Native Streaming.† We offer an in-house, fully integrated video streaming solution that will help you streamline event logistics, automate session recordings & VOD and bring the entire experience under one "roof." Works with both desktop & mobile versions (presenters have to use the desktop version).

❗ †Attendify streaming is provided as an add-on solution to the virtual platform. You can learn more about the prices here.

6. Zoom, YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia integrations. Bring video streams and/or pre-recorded videos from these 3rd-party platforms right into the session experience. There is no added cost to utilize these integrations. You can combine these with Attendify Streaming if needed. Works with both desktop & mobile versions.

7. Session Chats. Session Chats is a place where attendees can post messages and photos, start discussions, or address questions to the speaker. Chats are like the Activity Stream, only they’re unique to every session on your schedule. Available on both desktop & mobile versions.

8. Audience Polling. Launch Session Polls and get real-time feedback from attendees. Available on both desktop & mobile versions.

9. Engaging sponsor and exhibitor profiles. To help deliver a meaningful virtual experience for sponsors and exhibitors, their profiles feature beautiful cover images, photo and video galleries, prominently featured products with CTAs, documents, and more:

10. 1:1 video calls with sponsors/exhibitors. As part of our native streaming solution, you can enable your attendees to set up 1:1 video calls and live chats with sponsors and exhibitors. Works with both desktop & mobile versions (sponsor/exhibitor reps have to use the desktop version).

11. Notifications. Send custom notifications to all attendees, groups of people, or even individual users. Attendees will also receive automatic notifications regarding their social activity (e. g. someone replied to your post). All of these will show up on the desktop and will also arrive to the mobile app in the form of Push Notifications.

12. Other features. These were just some of the features available on our platform. We have a lot more to cover your unique event needs:

dynamic Event Analytics updated and accessible in real-time

• integrations with Attendify Registration & 3rd-party registration tools

Speakers list

live display for Polls

personalized content for private groups

• document hosting (PDF, Excel, PPT, Word, etc.)

WebView feature to include your website/survey/social network page

additional admins to help you build & manage your event

Sentiment Analysis

Session Insights

2. Main Features Available in the Attendify Mobile App

The features below are currently available only in the mobile app, but we are working on rolling over the same features to the virtual experience platform:

topic-based social Channels

• private Group Chat messaging

Leaderboard (gamification)

Sponsored Posts

• Ratings & Reviews for speakers/sessions/presentations

Interactive Event Maps and location maps

Bookmarks, build-your-own-agenda & Notes

Photo/Video Albums

Session Recommendations

Multi-Language Support (localization)

3. Our Roadmap

We're continuing to develop new features for our virtual experience. Here's what our roadmap for the near future looks like:

1. Audiences — an attendee data platform with advanced analytics. We will be introducing more ways to track attendance, gather insights from your events and deliver sponsor ROI.

2. MeetNow for everyone. In addition to the existing 1:1 call functionality for connecting with sponsor & exhibitor reps, we're planning to add the ability to set up attendee-to-attendee 1:1 calls and even have group calls.

3. Q&A within sessions. A built-in Q&A module will further enhance attendee experience within sessions. Attendees will be able to upvote questions, while speakers will see the questions in Presenter mode if using Attendify Streaming.

4. Product Samples to Take for a Spin

Have further questions about the features available in the Attendify Virtual Experience platform? Reach out to us at support@attendify.com or chat with us on any Attendify web page.

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