How to Build an Event for Mobile and Virtual Experiences: Attendify app

In this article, you will learn a simple five-step process of creating and publishing a virtual event platform that is available across mobile and desktop experiences to support your virtual, hybrid, or physical events. The article is broken down into three sections for easier navigation:

  1. Adding a New Event to Your Attendify Dashboard

  2. Creating Your Event for Mobile and Desktop Experiences

  3. Managing Your Event After It's Published


1. Adding a New Event to Your Attendify Dashboard

Get started by going to the "Mobile Apps" tab, navigating to the "Events" section, and clicking "Create Event."

You can also choose to create your event from an already existing registration page to automatically copy event info and visuals and save time.

2. Creating Your Event for Mobile and Desktop Experiences

Creating your event is a simple process that takes only five steps to complete.

Step 1: Event Profile

At the "Event Profile" step, provide general information about your event such as name, dates, description, branding, etc.

You can configure Access Management options right away or get back to this step after publishing your event.

Step 2: Add Features

  • Create your event menu by dragging and dropping features you need for your event (Speakers, Schedule, Sponsors, etc.) from the Available to the Selected area β€” you can further customize your menu by renaming features and changing icons.

  • Upload your event banner which will show up on top of the Activity Stream in your app and on the Town Hall in your virtual experience β€” you can also choose to keep plain text or an icon instead of the banner, but for better visual look having a banner is recommended.

Step 3: Add Content

You can add your event content in one of two ways:

  • add items one-by-one (sessions, sponsors, speakers, etc.).

  • upload content in bulk using our templates.

Don't worry about finalizing all content. You'll be able to edit it at any time, even once your event is published.

Steps 4 & 5: Review and Publish

Double-check any missing items on the "Review" step and continue to the "Publish" step once you're ready to publish your event.

Congratulations, you have successfully built your virtual and mobile experiences! πŸŽ‰ A link to the desktop and mobile versions of your event is now available on your event management dashboard.

3. Managing Your Event After It's Published

Now that your event is published, you can continue adding content and work with event settings. Your event management dashboard now has additional features available, so you can:

Have further questions about how to launch an event with Attendify? Reach out to us at or chat with us on any Attendify web page.

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