Go-Live Strategy: Run a Virtual Event with Attendify

The event industry is changing at a rapid pace and we’re here to help you keep up. Attendify has an engaging virtual platform, helping you navigate the complexity of running a virtual or hybrid event. This article outlines your go-live strategy to start running virtual and hybrid events today.

1. Prepare for a Multi-Screen, Hybrid World

While there’s still a lot of uncertainty surrounding when live events will come back, what we do know is that hybrid experiences will be very common in the future. As live events start to come back and virtual experiences improve rapidly we’ll start to see events leverage the best of both worlds. While virtual events won’t match in-person experiences, they’ll offer meaningful and engaging opportunities for attendees who can’t be there in person. The best way to get ready for the hybrid future is to leverage a platform that’s built for the challenge. Attendify is an end-to-end platform that’s ready for a multi-screen, hybrid experience today:

Our platform offers:

  • Engaging virtual platform optimized for learning & networking.

  • Social-first mobile event apps that drive engagement.

  • Registration that’s incredibly easy to build and supports session management.

  • An attendee data platform that helps you put your event data to work.

Best of all, these products are designed to work together and bring attendees into a single community, whether they’re using the mobile app in-person or the virtual platform remotely. Attendees can connect with each other and interact with your content on any device.

What makes Attendify unique is that all these experiences work in a simple, self-service package with transparent pricing, so your present and future are predictable and easy to manage. Now all you need to do is start configuring your event…

2. Go Live in Three steps

Attendify empowers you to get started and go live today. There are just a few simple steps to follow:

Step 1: Sign Up

if you haven’t done so already, create a free account with Attendify. It takes just a few seconds and you’ll land on the dashboard ready to start building.

Step 2: Build Your Event

From the dashboard click “create event” and use our step-by-step process to configure your event. Add basic event information, select your features, add content and publish. It’s really that easy.

Step 3: Publish & Manage

After publishing you’ll have access to dozens of management tools to keep your content updated, send push notifications, moderate social content and measure your event’s success.

3. Add Streaming in Seconds

We’ve made adding video streams or recorded sessions incredibly easy. You can either purchase our built-in Streaming engine for the most seamless experience, or bring your own stream from one of the supported 3rd parties.

❗ †Attendify native streaming is provided as an add-on solution to the virtual platform. You can learn more about the prices here.

Among the 3rd party streaming platforms, we currently support YouTube, Vimeo/Livestream, Wistia and Zoom. These integrations come included with every event purchase.

Add a Live Stream

For detailed instructions on Attendify's built-in Streaming setup, check out this guide. To add a 3rd-party live stream or recorded session, copy and paste a link from one of our integration partners into your session description.

You can use a single streaming partner or leverage different streaming options for different sessions (i. e. Attendify Streaming, YouTube, and Zoom), the choice is yours.

As soon as you add the stream link, your virtual platform and mobile app will automatically open that stream whenever attendees browse to that session.

Support Concurrent Sessions

Attendify supports the ability to add multiple concurrent streaming sessions. All you need to do is add streaming to your sessions and attendees can switch between them on the schedule, jumping from stream to stream.

Users can also detach the player and it will follow along as they explore other areas of the event, including the social activity stream, attendee profiles, channels, private messaging and more. The same feature works in the mobile app too.

4. Add Event Registration to Manage Access & Monetize

Attendify’s registration solution works seamlessly with our virtual platform and mobile app and helps you manage access to and monetize your event. Launching registration is as quick and easy as launching your virtual and mobile experience. Just follow our step-by-step process, preview your registration page and publish.

Our registration platform supports a range of advanced features, but delivers them with the ease-of-use Attendify is known for. Features include:

  • Simple step-by-step setup.

  • Instant live preview.

  • Up to 50 registration types.

  • Discount and unlock codes.

  • Customized checkout forms for different registration types.

  • Session registration with capacity management.

  • Customized session visibility for different registration types.

  • Fully integrated with our virtual platform and mobile apps for effortless access management.

  • Attractive, conversion-optimized registration experience.

You can launch free or paid registration with Attendify to grow your audience and monetize your events today.

5. Onboard & Engage your Attendees

When you launch an Attendify event, you’re getting a multi-screen experience — both web platform and mobile app — that delivers your content and helps attendees network. Our platform comes packed with features including:

Ready for What’s Next

We’re continuing to move quickly with new product releases and major updates every few weeks. We’ll continue on that pace with a few exciting new features coming soon:

• Robust Analytics & Event Data Platform: our data platform, Audiences, is currently in beta. We are working on improving attendance analytics, including the ability to see which session each user attended and for how long. We are also introducing new valuable sponsor analytics to drive ROI.

1:1 & Group calls between attendees: our MeetNow feature, which currently works for attendee-to-sponsor 1:1 calls, will be expanded to allow calls between attendees and even group calls.

We’ve already publicly announced our roadmap and will be implementing lots of other valuable features. That includes adding a built-in Q&A module for sessions, bringing Channels over from the mobile app to the virtual platform, enhancing VOD with the ability to upload pre-recorded videos directly to Attendify, and more!

If you’re ready to go live and want to connect with a member of our team to get the ball rolling, please request a demo with us.

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