Channels Guidelines for Attendees

To get started using Channels:

  • Open the Event menu. If the event organizer created any Channels in the event you'll see a Channels section.

  • Channels you were invited to will be displayed at the top in Your Channels section. The rest of the Channels will be grouped by Category. 

  • Click on any Channel you're interested in and click Join.

  • Tap on the Channel name at the top to open Channel Settings

        -  See Channel's purpose
        -  Check the list of all users in the Channel
        -  Invite other people to join the Channel. If the event organizer restricted access             to the Channel the option will be greyed out.
        -  Mute notifications. They are enabled by default and you'll receive a push                notification for every new message
        -  Leave Channel

  • Long tap on someone's message to Reply or Copy the text.

  • Long tap on your own message to Reply, Copy, Edit or Delete it. Please note that you can remove only your own messages.

A red dot shows whenever there are new unread messages in the Channels you joined. And a counter for each Channel.

Guidelines for Channel Administrators
Channel administrators can remove any message in the Channel. They also have additional options in the Channel settings:

  • Click Edit in the right top corner to change the Channel name and appearance

  • Invite more people

  • Click on the user profile to Block them from the Channel. The user won't be able to re-join the Channel unless Administrator unblocks them. You can check and Unblock profiles in the Blocked People section. Blocking the user won't remove their messages in the Channel.

Have further questions about Attendify’s Channels feature? Reach out to us at or chat with us on any Attendify web page. 

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