With Attendify Channels, event organizers can create a place for event attendees to connect and discuss a specific subject matter.

Channels can be organized around a specific session, topic, point of interest or anything else relevant to your event — there is no limit to how many channels you can create to help users connect and stay engaged throughout the event!

The Channels feature comes standard with all Attendify apps and is available* once your event is live and published. Access to the feature’s backend settings is available after you build and submit your event to go live.

* As of February 2021, the Channels feature is only available in the mobile app but not the desktop experience. We plan to implement them on the desktop as well, feel free to track progress on our public Roadmap.

Set-Up Steps for the Organizer

 To create a Channel:

  1. Navigate to Interactivity > Channels after submitting your event.

2. Click + Add button
3. Fill out the fields in the pop-up window:
- add the Channel Name
- add Purpose of the Channel
- set an Avatar: you can pick from the pre-loaded list of icons or upload your own image
- select the Channel Administrators. You can add as many as you need
- check the box if you'd like to let all users invite other people to the Channel. By default only Admins can invite users to join the Channel
- configure Channel Visibility. By default Channels are visible and open to join for all users. If you'd like to create a Private Channel, move the toggle and select the Groups of users it should be visible to.
4. Click Add Channel button to save it.

Click on the 3-dots icon next to the Channel to Edit, Close, Archive or Remove it.
- Close to pause the Channel. While the Channel is paused the attendees can access it in read-only mode.
- Archive to hide the Channel from all users without losing any message. You'll be able to re-Activate it any time.
- Remove to permanently delete the Channel and all the messages

Sorting Channels
The order of Channels in the app visible to your attendees will reflect the order of Channels on your dashboard. The Channels are grouped by Category.
To change the order of Channels within the Category simply drag and drop them into desired position.
To create new Categories or change their order simply click on the Categories button and drag and drop them to sort into the right order.

You can also find Channels guidelines for attendees here.

Have further questions about Attendify’s Channels feature? Reach out to us at or chat with us on any Attendify web page.

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