Session Registration Analytics and Reports

Attendify's Analytics dashboard provides a clear view of your Session Registration stats. You can quickly check the following data for each session:

  • Session Type: (Optional or Included)

  • Capacity: The number of registrations vs Total Capacity. For sessions with Unlimited capacity, the number of tickets available for your event will represent the Total Capacity.

  • Check-Ins: The number of attendees who were checked in to the session vs the number of registered users.

To access this information, simply go to the Analytics > Session Analytics section on your dashboard. You can also use the filters to check the stats by:

  • Sessions happening on a specific date

  • Session Type (Optional/Included)

  • Ticket

Export Analytic Reports

Along with Orders, Badges, Guestlist and Attendee Summary reports available for your Event Registration, you can also request reports with detailed info on your Session Registration statistics. They are available in xlsx or CSV format and can be sent to your email address in just a few clicks. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Go to the Analytics > Reports section on your dashboard

2. Click "Request Report"

3. Select the type of report you'd like to receive 

  • Check-Ins Report: Offers detailed info about each session, including purchaser name and email, tickets purchased, the sessions included with the tickets, date and time for each check-in, checkout date and time (if the users checked In and out several times during the same session we’ll list all of them), and  the total time the user spent at this session.

  • Personalized Schedules Report:  Shows all the sessions each user will see on their Schedule in the app (marked with “+”) and the sessions that won’t show up for them in the app (marked with “-“) 

  • Session Registration Report: Includes detailed info for each session such as date, start/end time, session name, if the session is Optional or Included, Tracks assigned, Location, Ticket Types for which the session is available, Session Capacity, Total number of Registrations for this session, and total Number of Check Ins and Checkouts.

4. Select the type of ticket(s) you'd like to receive the report for, choose the format of the report and a date range, then click “Request.”

Have further questions about Attendify Session Registration Analytics? Reach out to us at or chat with us on any Attendify web page. 

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