Editing Attendee Session Registration Info

With the launch of Attendify’s Session Registration feature, event professionals now have the option of seamlessly tracking individual session capacities and empowering attendees to select their personalized schedules in advance. 

But we all know things change. No worries! It’s easy to edit the sessions your attendees have chosen if needed.

Editing attendees’ Session Registration details

Making changes to an attendee’s registered sessions is simple. Just: 

  • Go to Registration > Manage > Attendees page.

  • Click on the name of the attendee whose sessions your want to edit.

  • Select the Attendee Sessions tab and click on the “Edit Sessions” button.

  • You’ll arrive at the same page attendees use when creating or editing their orders. There you can adjust selected sessions.

  • Once you’re done, click on the “Modify Registration” button to confirm the changes.

Notification emails

Once you’ve edited an attendee’s session details, the attendee automatically will receive an email that informs them that their Session Registration has been modified. It will also include an updated ticket that should be used in place of the old one.

Have further questions about Attendify Session Registration? Reach out to us at support@attendify.com or chat with us on any Attendify web page.

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