Resizing Your Images

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If your images don't meet the Size and Format Requirements, there are a number of online or offline image editing solutions you can use to fix them.

In this article, we review and provide instructions on how to use BIRME (Batch Image Resizing Made Easy) to resize images in bulk. It's a free online service where all codes are executed within your computer without uploading any photo to a server.

To start, you can drag and drop the files or use the Browse from your computer button to upload your images.

Let's imagine you are trying to resize a number of photos/logos for exhibitors or sponsors which would require you to have a 180x120 px or bigger image in the same ratio. You will need to input 180 in Width and 120 in Height. Make sure Auto Width and Height options are unchecked. Also, you can have the Auto detect image focal point on and manually adjust the placing of the frame where it's needed on each image or you can use the default image focal point as shown in the image below:

You can also apply borders on your images and adjust the color/thickness:

The next setting allows you to adjust the final image quality. Lower percentages will give you a smaller file size but less quality as well so it's recommended to stay in the 80%-100% range. The default on BIRME is 80%. You can read more about this option in their article.

Finally, the Rename option allows you to organize the final jpegs you create as a result of your bulk resizing. BIRME looks for xxxx's in the name and replaces them with numbers. For example, exhibitor-xx will be renamed as exhibitor-01, exhibitor-02, exhibitor-03 etc. You can put as many x's as you'd like and also adjust the file name starting number. If you don't want to rename your photos, just leave the fields blank.

When you are done with all adjustments and settings and are ready to save the resized images, just click on Save Files or the Save as ZIP button in blue. Images will be saved in the respective format (either as a number of jpegs or one zip archive) in your default folder for downloads that you've set up in your browser settings.

If you have any other questions about the BIRME website, be sure to scroll down on the landing page or click on the buttons at the top to check their official About and FAQ pages.

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