Profile Statuses

Attendify's platform allows you to create profiles for your attendees in advance, or keep it open for attendees to sign up on their own. Profiles can be sorted into various statuses, depending on how they were created, and what activity they have logged in the system.  This guide covers those statuses and what they mean. 

Unclaimed Profiles

This status indicates profiles that were pre-created on the backend by the event organizer and have not been logged into yet by the attendee. A profile in this state can be accessed by the attendee, with the associated email address, once they sign in to the event.

Unverified Email

Specific to events paired with branded mobile apps, this status indicates a profile has signed in or attempted to sign in, but has not verified their email through the email verification process. This status can be shown for a profile when 'email verification' is enabled in the access management settings. Verification is always required in events paired with the Attendify container app, and cannot be bypassed. 

Revoked Profiles

This status represents profiles that were pre-created, but access was revoked by an administrator before the user could claim the profile. The email address associated with this profile cannot be used to sign in to the event or app. You can Revoke an Unclaimed profile by selecting the three dots in the action column and selecting the Revoke option. Revoked profiles can be Reinstated at any time, from the same dropdown.

The option to Revoke is available for Unclaimed profiles only. If the profile was already claimed by the attendee, the profile can be Deleted, without an option to reinstate it. If a profile is deleted, it will not be possible to re-use the same email address again in the event or app.

Claimed Profile

A profile that is claimed won't have any status tags associated with them.  They will appear as they do in the above image. This means that the attendee has signed in to the event. The "Claimed" status indicates profiles that were pre-created on the backend by the organizer and have been logged into by the attendee at least once.

Incomplete Registration

If a profile has this status on it, it means that the Attendee closed out of the profile creation process without adding at least a First Name to the profile. To resolve this, all they need to do is sign in to the event or app again with the same email address and then fill out the necessary details in their profile settings.


The "Registered" status indicates profiles that were created by the attendee. This can be done if the event's access management settings are set to event code or open access. Similar to "Claimed", this indicates profiles that have been logged into by the attendee at least once, with the difference that the profile was not pre-created by the organizer.


Specific to Branded Multi-event apps. Inactive status in the Attendee List of any event in your Multi-Event app indicates that the user didn’t join the specific event in which this status shows up. Note that both claimed and unclaimed profiles on the container (app) level can have Inactive status on the event level, it’s specific to each event.

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