Registration Analytics

Attendify's Registration Analytics dashboard allows you to view all the statistics for your event's tickets:

  • Net sales

  • Orders - number of orders placed

  • Attendees - the number of attendees the tickets were purchased for

  • Check-ins - the number of attendees that were checked into the event

  • As well as detailed Sales by ticket type data

To access this information simply go to the Analytics > Ticket Analytics section on your dashboard.

Export Analytic Reports
You can request a detailed Orders, Badges, Guestlist and Attendee report in xlsx or CSV format to be sent to your email address. To do that follow these steps:

  • Go to the Analytics > Reports section on your dashboard.

  • Click "Request Report".

  • Select the type of the report you'd like to receive.

  • Order Report: Includes detailed info about each order, like date, purchaser name and email, number of tickets purchased, discount and discount/unlock code applied (if there was one set up), fees, etc.

  • Badges Report:  Includes barcodes for each attendee that you can convert into QR codes to print them on badges. Your check-in staff will be able to scan those QR codes with the Arrival app

  • Guestlist Report: Simply includes attendees' names and the name of the ticket they've purchased.

  • Attendee Report: This one includes all the registration data, including custom fields from your custom checkout forms.

4. Select the type of the ticket(s) you'd like to receive the report for, choose the format of the report and click Request.
For the Orders Report you can also select the Date Range and Order Type.

Have further questions about Attendify’s Registration Analytics? Reach out to us at or chat with us on any Attendify web page. 

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