Gathering feedback from attendees

The Attendify Engagement platform offers enough options for collecting attendees' feedback. Here is a brief overview:

Session Chats

Session Chats will likely be the most fruitful source of feedback, since they are prominently featured in every session. Get a feeling of attendee engagement and individual session success by scrolling through the session chat, and export it for further review if needed.

Use Polls to collect more specific feedback. Poll results can be displayed live during your event.

Polls can also be posted to the general Activity Stream to get feedback on a wider topic or simply engage attendees.

Activity Stream
Post questions to the activity stream and initiate discussions in the comments section.

WebView and Third-Party Survey Tools
With the help of the WebView feature, you can easily incorporate any online survey tool (e.g. Survey Monkey or Google Forms) in your event menu to collect elaborate feedback.

Ratings & Reviews
In the mobile app, attendees can use our built-in "Rate & Review" feature to write a text review and/or leave a star rating for individual sessions and speakers.

If you have any questions about this or didn't find an answer, please contact our support team via chat on any Attendify webpage or send an email at 

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