What's the Difference Between a One Event App & a Multi-Event App?

Attendify is discontinuing One Event apps. Starting September 1st, 2020, we will no longer accept One-Event app submissions. Consider launching your event with the Attendify container app, or your own branded Multi-event app.

One Event apps are typically not reused for other events (see here) and should be unpublished after the event concludes. If you need one app for one event and branding is not a concern, consider adding it to the Attendify App!

A Multi-Event container app allows for multiple unique event instances to be housed in one central app. Multi-Event apps should be used if numerous events are organized by the same organization throughout the year, or if you only want your attendees to download one app, one time, for your recurring yearly event. The advantages of using a Multi-Event App include the following:

1.) Once your app is published, you can instantly add new events to your app without having to wait for approval from the app markets.

2.) You are able to set a unique event code for each event to restrict access, or choose to hide an event altogether if it's meant for a private group of attendees.

3.) There will be a separate Activity Stream and a list of attendees for each event within the container app. Attendees can access past events to download documents & review old materials, as well as view upcoming events - all in one app!

4.) No need to promote a new app each year! Simply add your events to your container app and attendees can access the content instantly. 

5.) Attendees need to only create one profile for use across all events within your Multi-Event container.

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If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our support team at support@attendify.com or chat with us on any Attendify webpage.

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