How to Assign Attendees to Groups?

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What are the Groups for?

Attendee Groups make it easy for the event administrator to categorize users and send notifications to a specific circle of users. You can also show hidden features to a selected category of participants, for example a private schedule that would be visible only to VIP attendees. Group classification is not visible to users in the app, only to the event administrator in the Dashboard. 

How to Create, Edit and Delete Groups

Groups of users can be created in the Attendees section of the Interactivity panel in your Dashboard.

Note: with branded mobile apps, this can be done on the Container level (in the People section) and on the Event level (Interactivity -> Attendees; groups are called Tags on the Event level).

Groups can be assigned easily if you upload attendee profiles in bulk, or manually (if your attendees create their own profile in the app). You can assign multiple groups to a single user. Important! Assigning attendees to groups in bulk (via a template import) is only possible before users join the event - once attendees log in & claim their profile, you'd need to do this manually (the process is described below).

You can edit a group’s name or delete the group for good in the same window. The new name for the group will be saved after you click "Save".

Adding Users to Groups Manually

If you'd like to add multiple users to a group at once, you can do so in the Attendees section. Click on the check box next to the profile profile picture to activate the multi-select option, click the group button, then select the group from the drop-down list in the pop-up menu and click 'Add to Group':

Each group assigned to a user will be displayed as a color code in the Attendees section of the Interactivity panel in your Dashboard. It will also be listed with the Profile details of the user in the left-hand panel.

If you’d like to disassociate the group with the user, this can be done through the individual user’s profile page by clicking the Edit button and unchecking the highlighted group(s).

Appearance of Groups in the Attendees Section

If you’d like to see the name of the group associated with each color code, drag your cursor over the color bubble in the Interactivity > Attendees section.

To filter profiles by groups, please click "Apply Filter" button and check the groups of your choice from the drop-down list.

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