Managing Unclaimed Profiles Visibility in Your Event

By default, pre-created but unclaimed profiles aren't displayed in the Community section of the event & app. But if you'd like to have the entire attendee list visible even before those users log in to the event, you can set this up in Settings > Profiles section on your dashboard.

Profile Visibility enables the option of showing pre-created profiles in the Community section of the event & app before they are claimed.

Branded App profile settings

If you have a Branded Mobile App, there are additional settings available.

On the Event level of a branded container app, you can access the same profile visibility setting in the Settings > Profiles section, it's called Show Inactive Attendees:

If you go to the same area but on the Container level, you will see 2 additional settings available:

Profile Fields
Allows you to control the information attendees provide in their profiles by enabling/disabling default profile fields.

Interest Tags
Gives you the ability to create interest tags that attendees can associate with their in-app profiles to show their interests and find matching ones amid other attendees.

Please Note: profile fields and interest tags are only available for branded apps. Events paired with the Attendify app don't have these settings.

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