Branded Mobile Apps: Creating your App Name and Icon Label

Full App Name (up to 30 Characters):

The full name of your application will appear in the App Store and Google Play and will be the primary way attendees find your mobile app when searching by keyword. The most common app naming patterns are:

• By organization name (e. g. Beamdy Events). It's a good choice if you run more than one event per year.

• By event name (e. g. Tech Conference). Applicable if you only host one event per year. In this case, each year you will be adding a new event to the same app (e. g. Tech Conference 2020, Tech Conference 2021, etc.).

• You can also include the year in the app name, but note that each year you'll have to change it. Updating the Full App Name requires a resubmit of the app to the stores, which takes up to 15 business days and can be done for a $199 fee, or for no extra cost when you pay to renew your app for the next year.

Icon Label (up to 12 characters):

The Icon Label is the short text label that appears under the icon on your phone or tablet. The icon is small so there's not a lot of room under it to include a label. You'll want to keep it short and simple, in some cases it will require creativity. Based on the full name examples above, a good Icon Label would be BeamdyEvents, Tech Con, or TechCon20.

Please note that once the app is published, changing the App icon or label, just like changing the Full App Name, requires us to resubmit it to the app stores. We would need to fully rebuild the app so there's a $199 for this service. Alternatively, when you pay to renew your app for the next year, you get one free resubmit. It's only available for 2 weeks after the renewal date, so if you need to make changes on the App Store, make sure to take advantage of the free resubmit before it's late.

If you have questions or need additional support, please don't hesitate to email us at or chat with us on any Attendify web page.

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