Gamification - Use your Attendify App to Have Some Fun!

With our event app technology you can create an environment where attendees are engaged, motivated, and inspired to interact with one another. Here are a few ideas that can help you create meaningful engagement using Gamification features found within your Attendify app:

  • Leaderboard: The Leaderboard is the easiest and most effective way to implement gamification. This is a standard feature offered in your Attendify app and is an excellent tool to get your attendees engaged - as well as stir up a bit of friendly competition!

You can adjust the scoring scheme to encourage users to perform the actions you want them to. For example, if your marketing team wants to get some great pictures from the event to use in future communications, you can set the point values for posting a photo a higher than other actions, encouraging your attendees to post photos.

  • Photo/Selfie Contest: Ask your attendees to post photos from the event or a selfie with a VIP - the ones that get the most likes can win a prize!

  • Caption Contest: The attendee that comments on a picture with the most creative caption wins!

  •  Rapid-fire questions: Post a Poll or set of Polls on the Activity Stream and offer an incentive for the participant that provides the right answer(s) first.

  • Best Response: Attendees enter for a chance to win a prize by commenting on a post you’re trying to start a discussion around. This can be used to boost interaction between sponsors & attendees where a product/brand discussion is created and special offers are given to the most active participants.

  • Treasure Hunt: Hide an item somewhere in the venue, then post a clue to its location on the Activity Stream. The first person to share a photo of the location of the item or a selfie of them holding it wins!

  • Fill in the Blank: Post an incomplete sentence on the Activity Stream & ask your guests to complete it in the comments.

  • Best Review: Incite a discussion around a session or a presentation. Ask participants to leave a review with their feedback. The most unique & interesting review will be shared with others and rewarded.

Have further questions about Attendify’s gamification feature? Reach out to us at or chat with us on any Attendify web page. 

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