Six Reasons to Use An Event App

There are a lot of questions you might have about why you should use an event app. Here you can see the top reasons as to why you should use an event app for your event.

1. Paperless, saving costs

Paper can quickly become an event manager’s worst nightmare. Why spend thousands of dollars and countless hours on schedules and brochures that the majority of attendees will review just once before losing or putting them into their grab bags? You can have an event app built in less time, at a fraction of the cost, hassle, and wastefulness of expensive paper.

2. Attendee convenience & instant updates

With events, there are always last-minute changes, sessions might get rescheduled, speakers can switch, and it's important to keep your audience informed "on-the-go". With instant content updates, that's one less thing to worry about. And you can always send a push notification to your guests to alert them of any changes.

3. Private social network

Attendees will be able to network together and share their event experience right on the Activity Stream of your event. A list of attendee profiles will be included in your event app, where each profile can be saved as a vCard on the user's phone. Attendees can share photos, make posts with comments & likes, and message to each other in private. Here are the details, if you'd like to learn more.

4. Feedback, ratings & quick polls

Surveys are important for improving event experiences. But far too often, these valuable documents end up in the trash. Event managers need a way to collect and manage this data more systematically and efficiently. After attendees participate in a session, they can go back to their event apps and rate their experiences. This information can be used to refine your conference program and better tailor marketing campaigns on the whole.

5. Monetization, promoting sponsors & exhibitors

Our In-App Sponsor platform allows you to monetize your app and drive leads for sponsors. There are six different types of Sponsored Ads to choose from that will blend naturally with the content in your app for a personal, natural experience. You’ll also get real-time analytics including a list of trending sponsors, most successful ads, and a full run-down of leads generated by each ad.

6. Analytics & Reporting

Measure app adoption, engagement with social content, and other metrics in real-time so you can amplify what works, and fix what doesn’t. Your dashboard will show the number of downloads, profiles created, posts & likes, quick poll results, session & speaker ratings, and much more! This will enable you to create more impactful, engaging content and identify areas for improvement.

The event industry is about to undergo some big changes. Targeting and personalization strategies will play a crucial role in event success. Collecting the right data and engaging with audiences at key touch-points will ensure your attendees love your events even more!

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