How to Update Registrant's Email Address

This is a guide for event organizers who have launched their registration with Attendify Registration tool.

Sometimes attendees need to update the email address they used when they registered via your Attendify Registration page. The use cases include:

  • an attendee mistyped their email address and as a result cannot sign into the event

  • attendees need to reassign one of the registered people under a group Order.

Such changes can only be done by the event organizer (either event and registration owner or collaborator).

To get the email address updated the event admin team should follow the next steps.

Step 1. Find your attendee on the registration management dashboard > under Attendees section.

Step 2. click on the attendee profile, hover over their email address, click Edit, and save your changes.

Step 3. You will also need to sync the changes you've just made under Registration dashboard with your event's Mobile and Virtual Experience. Here are the steps:

  • open your app's management dashboard

  • click on People (on branded app) or Interactivity > Attendees (on Attendify app)

  • click on Add button > select Integrations tab

  • select Update Now under the three-dot icon next to the integrated Attendify Registration page.

Video Tutorial below will guide you through the above steps:

As an additional next step, you may like to re-send the registration confirmation email to the attendee once the email address is updated.

Here's how you can resend the registration confirmation email to the Attendee:

📌 If you would also need to update the Order holder's email address and resend the registration confirmation email their way, follow the below instructions.

If you like to update the "Order" email address as well, follow the steps on the video below:

Here's how you can resend the registration confirmation email to the Order holder:

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