Onboarding Your Speakers and Attendees to Ensure a Successful Virtual Event Experience

You’ve done your research, spent countless hours evaluating different options, and decided on the structure of your virtual event. You have now purchased a new technology to run it, and the next big thing on your mind is to make sure that your Attendees, Speakers, and all other stakeholders have a great experience with your event.

Here are some of Attendify’s best practices and recommendations to ensure the successful delivery of your event:

1. Organize Practice Sessions with Speakers

No matter if you’re using the native Attendify Streaming solution or relying on a third-party tool like Zoom, Vimeo, or YouTube, it’s highly recommended to run several test sessions to get your speakers comfortable with the system and address any challenges before the event. Here is how to organize your practice sessions step by step:

1.1. Preparation (Attendify Streaming)

  1. Set up testing sessions on your agenda and assign access to your speakers

  2. Share the link to your virtual event along with our step-by-step guide on how to join the event as a Speaker.

  3. Provide this speaker guide on how to grant permissions to mic and camera.

1.2 Testing

  1. Try to have as many Speakers and Attendees as possible in your test session.

  2. Have speakers enable/disable their cameras, microphones, and screen sharing to make sure everything works correctly for everyone.

  3. Try posting images, messages, likes, and comments in the Session Chat.

  4. Have speakers respond to Session Chats while presenting.

  5. Test all specific workflows that you're planning to have at your event.

1.3 Additional tips

  1. Consider our equipment recommendations to ensure the best video and sound quality for your speakers.

  2. Use Feature Visibility to set up a hidden schedule in your event and use it specifically for testing purposes.

2. Have troubleshooting instructions ready for your participants

If your Speakers or Attendees are reporting issues, please consider one of the following recommendations (consider sharing this information with your general event instructions / when announcing the app):

2.1 Virtual Experience

  • Ensure your internet browser is updated to its latest version (Google Chrome is recommended).

  • If experiencing issues during the log-in step, please make sure that AdBlock is disabled in your browser.

  • If experiencing sound or video issues, try using a different network to connect to the event (some corporate networks & firewalls may block video or audio connections).

  • Using a VPN may impact the ability to connect; disabling VPN is highly recommended.

  • Ensure that your sound output is set to the correct channel. You should be able to select the correct device from the dropdown at the bottom of the video player.

If the above doesn’t resolve the issue, please ask your participant to use https://speed.cloudflare.com/, save a CSV report export, and share this with us including the following additional details:

  • make/model of the device

  • are you a speaker or attendee

  • steps to reproduce the issue

  • name of the session

  • your login email

  • browser name and version

2.2 Mobile Experience

If experiencing any issues, please recommend your attendees to update the mobile app to it's latest version.

If reporting mobile issues, please include the following additional details:

  • make/model of the device

  • OS version

  • browser version

  • a detailed description of the issue/screenshots

If you have any additional questions during the setup or the event, you can always chat with our support team online. Just use the chat feature at the bottom right side of the page.

Thank you for choosing Attendify. We sincerely wish you to have a great & smooth live event!

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