Attendify Streaming Speaker Guide

This is an onboarding guide for speakers invited to present via Attendify Virtual platform. In this guide you'll learn how to:

  1. Join an Event as a Speaker

  2. Visit Your Session and Configure Streaming

  3. Interact with Attendees

1. Join an Event as a Speaker

To join the event you'll be presenting at:

  • 1) follow the link to the virtual platform you received from the event organizer

  • 2) claim your event profile by signing up with your speaker email address.*

❗ * A speaker email address is an address you provided to the event organizer to be added to the system as an authorized speaker. It's important to log in under your speaker email to get access to the presenter tools. If this is your first time using Attendify, you will be sent a verification email when creating your profile.

2. Visit Your Session and Configure Streaming

When you joined the event, you can go to the agenda menu, find the session you're presenting at, and click on the notification to enter your speaker practice room:

Alternatively, 10 minutes before your session begins, you're going to see a pop-up notification with an option to enter your speaker practice room:

Within the practice room, you'll be able to:

  • turn your audio, webcam, and screen sharing†

  • connect with other speakers to discuss the session and coordinate

  • keep an eye on the broadcast start time in the upper left-hand corner

† ❗In order for your audio, webcam, and screen sharing to work, you need to grant access to your microphone and camera. Typically you see an automatic pop up asking you for permission. If you missed the pop-up or it didn't come up for you, follow the steps outlined in this guide for your specific browser and operating system.

Once you are sharing, you'll get the ability to select the audio input & output sources (that is, which microphone and speakers you'd like to use) and the video input source (camera). If you're using something other than your device's built-in mic or camera, make sure the proper devices are selected before your session starts as shown on the video below:

It's recommended to use a dedicated USB microphone and a dedicated HD or Full HD webcam. If you prefer a headset, AirPods have proven to work best in terms of quality and reliability.

3. Interact with Attendees

When presenting, you'll have access to Attendify's interactivity tools that enable you to engage with attendees in real time. Those tools include:

• Session Chat (if enabled by the organizer)

• People

• Polls

You can switch between these tools by clicking on their respective tab icons, or hide the interactivity bar altogether by clicking the ">" arrow. You can always bring it back again by clicking the "<" arrow when it's hidden.

Session Chat

This is the place for attendees to ask questions and give real-time feedback to your presentation. When doing live Q&A, scroll through this section to look for questions that you can answer while you are still presenting. Questions that got more likes may be worth more attention as they indicate several people are interested in finding out the answer. You can also get some notion of how attendees are receiving your speech based on their comments.


The People section will indicate the number of people watching your session at this very moment, and show you who they are. Scroll through this area if you want to get a better idea of who's currently joined. You can click on individual profiles to see more details and send them a private message. (For privacy reasons, make sure to check you're not screen-sharing when you do this.)


Real-time polls are an excellent feature to use to boost attendee engagement, gather feedback, and facilitate interactivity, making your attendees feel more connected.

Please note that currently, only the event admin (organizer) can create polls and view the results. If you would like to launch a poll and present results live during your session, you'll need the event organizer / moderator assistance. They have access to:

• launch a poll at any time (or pre-schedule it to launch automatically);

• access the results;

• if they have presenter access to your session, they can share their screen and display the results in an attendee-friendly mode (Attendify generates a visual with poll results that the organizer has access to).

Have further questions about how to present through Attendify Virtual platform? Reach out to us at or chat with us on any Attendify web page.

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