The Attendify App Attendee Guide

If the Attendify app is being used at the event you are attending, this guide will help you download the app, join the event, access all relevant event information, and get the most of the networking features. This guide is broken into 3 parts for easier navigation:

  1. Downloading Attendify App and Joining Your event

  2. Attendify App: Video Guide

  3. Frequently Asked Questions


1. Downloading Attendify App and Joining Your event

Step 1. Download the app: Download the Attendify app from the App Store or Google Play. If your device is running a different OS.

❗ Please note, you don't need to go to and sign up to join the event — this website is strictly for the event organizers. This is a common confusion that happens among attendees.

Step 2. Create a profile: Open the app and sign up/log in by tapping the corresponding button at the top or bottom of the page. To create a profile, we recommend using the email address you used to register for the event:

Step 3. Find your event in the Attendify app: Enter the full name of the event in the search bar and tap on its icon when you find it. If you were provided a QR code by the event organizer, scan it with the built-in QR reader by tapping on the QR code icon within the search bar and the app will find your event automatically:

Have an event code to join the event? Tap on the search bar, select the option "Have an event code?" that will show at the bottom, and enter your event code.

Step 4. Join the event: When you tap on the event icon, you'll see the event card that shows event date, location, and description. Tap "Join" to access the event:

You are in now! 🎉 Here is what you can do with the Attendify App:

  • Share photos, post messages, comment & like other users' posts

  • @mention other attendees in your post and they will receive a notification about it

  • Cross-post to other social networks (Twitter, LinkedIn)

  • Connect & network with other attendees

  • Send private messages

  • Save participants' profiles as VCards to your phone

  • Take notes (you can #tag other attendees to document something about them)

  • Bookmark sessions, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees

  • Rate speakers and sessions, provide feedback & comments

  • Set scheduled reminders for sessions & create a personal schedule

  • Receive push notifications from the event organizer

  • Vote in polls & view voting statistics

  • Access all event information (schedule, documents, maps, speaker bios)

  • Search attendees by "Interests"

2. Attendify App: Video Guide

We've also created this quick video guide that explains how to use Attendify app:

3. Frequently asked questions

Q1: Is there a desktop version of the app?

A: There is a desktop version of the app that supports all of the same features; however, whether it's available for your event depends on what type of experience your event organizer decided to create. You need to reach out to the organizer of the event directly to see if a desktop version is provided for their event:

Q2: I receive the error message "Access to this event is restricted..." What do I do?

A: This error message means that the organizer locked access to the event to a specific group of attendees. You need to reach out to the organizer of the event directly to make sure your email is on the attendee list:

Q3: How do I access the event after closing the Attendify app?

A: Afer you joined the event, it will be visible on the home screen of the Attendify App under "Your Events" section along with any other events you joined any time you open your Attendify app:

Have further questions about using the app? Reach out to us at or chat with us on any Attendify web page.

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