Zoom Integration

__________________________________________________________________❗ On October 22, 2021, we found that some attendees experienced the issue of being randomly kicked out of the Zoom session when trying to join it inside the Attendify Virtual platform. The subsequent investigation revealed an error with Zoom SDK, a tool provided by Zoom Video Communications to enable the integration between Attendify and Zoom. As of October 27, we've implemented an updated version of Zoom SDK and fixed the issue. The integration between Attendify and Zoom operates reliably at this point.


Attendify Zoom integration allows attendees to join a Zoom meeting or webinar from within Attendify's Virtual Platform and Mobile Apps. This article will guide you through a simple process of adding Zoom to your event. It's broken down into several parts for easier navigation:

2. Breakout rooms

3. Attendee Experience

4. Presenter Experience


You can add a Zoom meeting or Zoom Webinar to the event schedule in a few easy steps:

  • click the "+" icon to add a new session to your agenda

  • in the pop-up window, scroll down to Live Streaming & Video

  • select Zoom in the drop-down menu

  • embed your Zoom link and configure Start & End time for the session to control when it's going to appear within your Attendify platform

2. Breakout rooms

The Zoom breakout rooms experience is available to the attendees right within Attendify Virtual event web interface. For detailed instructions on how to enable the breakout rooms and how to manage them please refer to these guides:

Enabling breakout rooms

Managing breakout rooms

❗ NOTE: "Let participants choose room" breakout room setting is not supported via the integration. For this the users will need to use the "Open in Zoom App" option.
❗ All attendees will need to re-Join Audio each time they enter and leave breakout rooms

3. Attendee Experience

When attendees join your event on desktop, for every Zoom session they'll have two options:

• join inside Attendify's platform

• open within the native Zoom app

❗ NOTE: when joining Zoom meeting directly via the web page, the gallery view would be supported in Chrome & Edge. For other browsers attendees would need to use the "Open in Zoom App" option to see the grid layout.

❗ Joining inside Attendify is supported in Google Chrome, MS Edge, and Firefox. Attendees who want to browse the event in Safari will need to use the "Open in Zoom App" option.

Attendees can use the social features located on the right hand side from the Zoom screen to interact. These features are not seen in full screen mode though.

To see a full list of Zoom features that will be available inside Attendify, please review the list of features supported on Zoom Web SDK (Web Client column).

On mobile, the session will play inside the app:

4. Presenter Experience

Presenters should join the webinar/meeting in the native Zoom app to avoid A/V quality issues (Zoom limitation). Upon logging in to the event in Attendify, speakers can navigate to their session the same way that attendees do, but should always use the "Open in Zoom App" option to join.

If you identify the speaker profile under "Interactivity" when editing the session, Attendify will recognize them as a presenter and will suggest using the native Zoom app:

If this session is a Meeting (not Webinar) and all attendees should be able to share their camera and speak, then all participants should use the "Open in Zoom App" option.

❗ Recorded Zoom videos are not supported at this point. You can host your recorded videos on one of the other platforms we integrate with: YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia.
❗ Zoom does not support Spotlighting in integrations. Spotlighting Speakers can only be done in the Zoom desktop client or Zoom mobile app.

Have further questions about Zoom integration? Reach out to us at support@attendify.com or chat with us on any Attendify web page.

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