How to Use Session Check-In and Checkout

Under the Settings > Session Registration > Session Check-in section of your Event Registration management dashboard, you are able to control session check-in and checkout. By default, check-in for each session is enabled. Session checkout is disabled by default. When enabled, it can be applied to specific sessions of your choice.

How session check-in and checkout works

Enabling and operating session check-in and checkout is easy:

  • Under the Attendee tab of your registration dashboard, you can manually check in attendees from the list, by clicking the "Check-In" button next to the attendee's name.

  • Alternatively, you can download the Arrival by Attendify app, which allows you to scan an attendee into your event with your mobile phone. Select “Session Scan” within the app to check attendees into specific sessions. You will have green 'Check In' button in the top right corner of the session scan screen that you can tap to switch to checkout mode should you need to (keep in mind that button will be there only if you enabled checkout in the settings on your dashboard). Please note that the attendee QR code inside the Contact Scan within the app or on printed badges can also be used for Entry Scans and Session Scans.

Please see our guide on how to print your attendee badges here.

  • If you have an event team checking attendees in and out of specific sessions, then the Arrival by Attendify app will be the easiest way for your staff to manage this process. The app, which is free and can be downloaded to as many phones as you like, instantly syncs back to your Event Registration dashboard. Your team members will first need to be invited as “Check-In Staff” in order to log in and use the tool. 

Please note: Session Registration is a premium feature which is included with any Package

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