Customizing Messages at Attendee Checkout

The Attendify Event Registration platform now allows event organizers to add customized messages at three different stages of the attendee checkout process. It’s easy to access and edit the content of these messages from inside the Settings tab of your Event Registration management dashboard.

Order confirmation page

You can customize your messaging on the page attendees see immediately after placing a registration order by going to Settings > Order Confirmation > Order Page Message.  Please note that there is a 1024 character limit for this message. You also have the option to disable it if you wish to display the default content.

Email confirmation

Once your attendees have paid for their order they will be directed to a confirmation page. They will also receive a confirmation email. You have the ability to customize this email’s content. Simply go to Settings > Order Confirmation > Email Message from Organizer to personalize it.

Ticket PDF

After their order is placed, your attendees will receive digital PDFs of their tickets.  You can customize the messaging on your Ticket PDF by going to Settings > Registration Page > Ticket PDF. 

Here, it’s helpful to include any specific instructions or pieces of information that are important for your attendees to know. Unlike your options for the Order Confirmation Page and Email Confirmation, the Ticket PDF also allows you to add images and links. You also can turn on or off other values that you may or may not want displayed on your Ticket PDFs, such as:

  • Ticket Description

  • Event Description

  • Attendee Personal Agenda

  • Custom Message from Organizer

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