Session Registration Management Tools

It’s simple to manage your Session Registration with a number of intuitive tools at your disposal. You can start using them as soon as you’ve published your Event Registration page.

Launching/Closing Session Registration

Need to close your Session Registration after it's been launched or launch it after you’ve published your registration page? No problem! These changes can be made by going to Settings > Session Registration > Launch Settings

To make these changes, just select “Close Session Registration” or “Open Session Registration”, then hit the “Save” button to apply the changes.

 Allow attendees to register for a conflicting session and/or edit their own registration details within the Registration Settings section. To enable these options go to Settings > Session Registration > Registration Settings. Then just click the buttons for the settings you want to enable.

You can even set a timeframe during which attendees may make changes to their Session Registration details. Simply choose the event start and end dates, or designate a specific point in time. Once that point in time has passed, attendees will no longer be able to change their Session Registration details. 

Ticket Counts and Timer Settings

To make changes to your Ticket Counts and Timer Settings, go to Settings > Registration Page > General. Here you can adjust the settings for the ticket checkout timer. You can:

  • Hide or show the Ticket Timer on the Registration Checkout Window.

  • Set a time limit during which tickets in a checkout process are reserved.  When enabled the default time limit is 15 minutes.

  • You also can hide or show the remaining ticket counts and session capacities. To change these settings just click the toggle buttons.

Session Check-In (in-person attendance)

To make adjustments to your Session Registration Session Check-In settings, go to Settings > Session Registration > Session Check-in.

Disable Session Check-In (in-person attendance)

It’s simple to disable the Session Check-In for both Included and Optional sessions. By default, Session Check-In  will include all sessions when enabled . To customize this for your event, select the checkbox for the desired session types, “Included” or “Optional.” Then select the sessions that should be included from the drop-down menu .  

Please note: Once your event starts these settings cannot be changed. 

Enable Checkout Scanning (in-person attendance)

Need to verify and record when an attendee leaves a session? Enable the Checkout Scanning option. This allows you to scan an attendee's ticket to mark them as checked out of the session, and records the length of time they attended. Just click the toggle button to turn this on for your event.

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