Adding Content to Your Session Registration

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Adding sessions and speakers to your Session Registration is easy. To get started, go to the Session Registration tab for your Event Registration page.


On the Session Registration page, you will see two features tabs that are there by default: one for Speakers and one for a Schedule. From these tabs, you can add your event’s Session Registration content. 


If you have connected this page to a preexisting event from the "Engagement" section, the Schedule and Speaker features will automatically populate. Otherwise, they will be blank.


Session Registration content can be added one of two ways: via bulk import or by manually adding it to the dashboard. 




To start adding speakers:


  • Click the blue “Add Speakers” button. A pop-up window on the right-hand side of the screen will appear.

  • In this window, you can select which feature the speakers should be added (if you plan to have more than one Speaker feature in your event experience). Just click the drop-down under “Feature Name” to see all of your options.Then you can add the following information: First Name, Last Name, Company, Position and Profile Photo.

  • Please keep in mind that only the Feature Name and First Name fields are mandatory when adding a speaker. Once you have completed all of your desired speaker information click the “Save” button.

After you have added your speakers you can search for them in the Search bar. The gear icon in the top-right portion of the page allows you to change the name of the Speaker feature to something else if you prefer.




When you are ready to add content to your Schedule feature you will first need to select your event dates and time zone. Enter the Start and End dates and Time Zone for your event, then click the “Select” button to start adding sessions.


The Schedule tab is where you set up your entire registration schedule. You can change dates, delete dates and add new ones by selecting the buttons labeled for those actions. 


To add a session click the blue “+” button on the right-hand side of the screen for the appropriate time slot. After you have clicked the plus sign button a pop-up window will appear to the right.


From here you will be able to fill out the rest of your session details and manage the following options:


  • Session Type: Choose whether a session is automatically included with all registrations or is optional for attendees. 

  • Start/End Times: From the drop-down menus, you can select what time your session will start and end. You can also manually type in a customized time if it is not already offered in the drop-down menu. 

  • Check-in Capacity: This function gives you the option to limit session capacity to a specific number of attendees.

  • Title: Here you can name your session. 

  • Description: Add more information about a specific session here.

  • Speaker: Link a particular speaker to a session. You can also click the blue “+” button to the right of the drop-down menu and create a new speaker. 

  • Tracks: Assign a session to an existing track or create a new track by clicking on the blue “+” button to the right of the drop-down menu.

  • Available To: Assign a session to all event ticket types or only specific ticket types.



If you wish to create specific Tracks to which sessions can be assigned, simply:


  • Click the “Tracks” button at the top right portion of the Schedule feature.

  • Once you have clicked the button, a pop-up window will appear on the right-hand side.  Click the blue “+ Add Track” button to start adding tracks for your event. Then you can select a color option for the Track from the Color drop-down menu and give it a name.

Schedule Settings


To manage the Schedule Settings for your schedule just click the gear icon next to the Tracks button. In the drop-down menu, you can:


  • Change the Feature Name 

  • Change the Time Format from 12 hours to 24 hours

  • Switch from a Multi-track to a Single Track schedule 

Uploading Content in Bulk


For both the Speaker and Schedule features you can import content in bulk. To start importing content for either for these features:


  • Click the blue “Import” button. 

  • In the resulting pop-up menu click the blue “Download” button to access the template needed for the bulk upload.

  • Fill out the template with the content you wish to import.

  • Upload your new content via the “Upload” box or by clicking the blue hyperlinked “Select” text. 

Please note: If you want to make changes in bulk to either feature we recommend that you first download the template, make the changes to the template, then upload the file again. Taking these steps rather than using an existing file reduces you accidentally losing information that currently resides on the dashboard. 


For more detailed information on uploading content in bulk for these features please read this article.


Have further questions about Attendify Session Registration? Reach out to us at or chat with us on any Attendify web page. 


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