Launching Session Registration

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Session Registration is a powerful tool you can use to sell tiered-level tickets with various content access, manage session capacity, and capture valuable attendee data that can be leveraged to build lasting relationships.


Make Session registration part of your event registration process in one of two ways: 

  1. Create a new event: If you haven't started building your app yet, this would be the option to choose. You can sync an event app with your registration page later.

  2. Start from a preexisting app: Link a registration page to an existing app on your dashboard (this is a critical piece of integrating content if you have already started building your event). Just select the “Create from App” option and select the event to which you want to sync your registration page.

Launching Session Registration within your Event Registration platform is easy:


  • Start at the Info tab that appears before your registration page is published. 

  • Fill out the Event Info section.

  • Navigate to the Settings area.

  • Simply turn on the switcher button for “Session Registration” to launch the feature. This step is absolutely critical if you'd like to use session registration at any point - it needs to be enabled before your registration page is published. Even if enabled right away, you still have the option of launching ticketing first and asking attendees to sign up for sessions at a later time.

  • Once you have enabled Session Registration for your event, you can complete the rest of your registration details. When you are done, hit the “Next” button at the bottom of the page.

Please note: Session Registration is a premium feature which is included only with a certain Packages.


Please contact to learn about our pricing plans.


Adding Tickets 


On the Adding Tickets page, you can add any free or paid tickets you plan on offering at your event. For more info on ticket types, refer to this article. Once you complete this information, click the “Next” button, located at the bottom right of the page, and proceed to the Session Registration details page. 


Setting up Your Session Registration Details


The Session Registration tab is where you will enter your Session Registration details. Once you navigate to the tab, you will see a page like this:


This page will host any speaker and schedule information added to your event to date. To add a schedule or speaker feature to your Session Registration, click the blue “Use for Session Registration” button. 


If you are building out your registration page but have not yet built an event in the "Engagement" section, by default there will be only one schedule and one speaker feature icon in your Session Registration details. Learn more about how to add content to your schedule here.


From the schedule tab you can do the following:


  • Change the dates in your schedule

  • Delete dates from your schedule

  • Add and delete schedule and speaker features from your app

  • Add, delete and edit individual sessions

  • Create tracks

  • Import session information to your schedule and speaker features 

  • Adjust schedule settings like name, schedule type, time format and track options. 

Need more help?


For more information on how the schedule feature itself can be managed and used please read this article. For more details on adding content to your Session Registration, please read this article.


Included & Optional Sessions


The Session Registration feature allows you to include a session automatically with all registrations (like keynotes) or make particular sessions optional to attendees (like breakout sessions). To manage whether a session is included or optional:


  • Click the “three dots” button for the specific session on the session registration page.

  • Click the “Edit” button from the drop-down menu.

  • Then choose “Optional” or “Included” for the specific session. By default, all sessions will be listed as optional.

In this same detail window, you can make adjustments to the session information, and also:


  • Set check-in capacity with both unlimited and specified options

  • Create and link speakers to the session. Please note that only speakers with created profiles can be linked here.

  • Create and assign tracks to a session

  • Assign sessions to specific ticket types

Launching Session Registration 


In the top-right portion of the page, you have the option to determine when your Session Registration will launch. By clicking the “Launch session registration immediately after publishing” button, you set your session registration to be available at the same time as your event registration. By default, this is set to be published once your registration page has launched.


Should you decide not to publish your Session Registration immediately, you can schedule a time for launch after your registration page has been published by going to Settings Session Registration Launch Settings


Have further questions about Attendify Session Registration? Reach out to us at or chat with us on any Attendify web page.


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