Registration: Total Event Capacity

Attendify offers you the option to have a Total Event Capacity for your event for ticket sales. This is a feature that lets you limit the amount of tickets sold so you don’t over sell for your event if you can only allow so many attendees to attend. 

To be able to take advantage of this feature you first need to publish your registration. Once it is, head over to the tickets page to set this up. 

In the top right corner above the visibility and action columns you can see where it says Total Event Capacity followed by a number. By default this number will always be the sum total of all the tickets you have made available for your event. 

On the screenshot above you can see that this event capacity is set to a total of 200 tickets that can be sold, for 2 different ticket types. 

If you'd like to change a capacity limit for your event just click on the number next to the Total Event Capacity and type in the desired amount of tickets you want to set it to. Then select the "checkmark" for it to save. 

Once your ticket sales has reached the capacity limits it will automatically show all sales as closed on your registration page

Have further questions about Attendify’s Capacity Limits? Reach out to us at  or chat with us on any Attendify web page. 

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