Session Recommendations

Leveraging the latest advances in Machine Learning, the Session Recommendations tool is a powerful feature designed to help your attendees easily find the sessions most likely to interest them on your event agenda. How? Attendify’s event data platform analyzes dozens of parameters and usage patterns to generate suggestions that will help your attendees get the most out of your event.

Simple Set-Up Steps for the Organizer:

It’s easy for an organizer to access and implement this feature from the app’s backend settings once their app is built and published. Simply:

  • Navigate to Settings > Recommendations > Sessions after submitting your event.

  • Allow Attendify to recommend sessions or keep the feature disabled. 

Once the feature is enabled, you'll have the option to select from the drop-down the groups of attendees you do not want to receive recommendations. You’ll also be able to specify which sessions shouldn't be shown as recommendations.

Attendees can access and leverage session recommendations in three easy steps:

  • Open the event app and go to the Event Agenda

  • Click into any session on the Event Agenda. Recommendations will be included in the body of the session description.

  • Click on any recommended session to pull up that session’s description. If you don’t like the recommendation, just press the “Don’t like the recommendation?” button to let the app know why it's not relevant. This will help improve the accuracy of future recommendations. 

Have further questions about Attendify’s Session Recommendations feature? Reach out to us at or chat with us on any Attendify web page. 

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