Troubleshooting Feature Templates and CSV Uploads

This is a brief guide you can refer to for correcting some errors you may come across when trying to upload templates for features or attendees profiles in your dashboard. We have two different options of upload mechanisms for our products:

  • Uploading Attendee profiles for the app.

  • Uploading Excel templates for features

Attendees Profiles via CSV

When uploading attendee profiles to your dashboard it needs to be done in a CSV file format. We have a sample file you can find here. We recommend following the formatting in this sample exactly, changing things in any way, other than adding the information for your attendees may cause the upload to fail.

Some common errors that may cause an upload to fail:

  • Changing the column names for the file. It's not possible to change any of the names of fields or create new ones in the app. So changing this can cause the upload to fail.

  • Formatting the cells in anyway, for example like color coding cells or the text in the cell could possibly cause the upload to fail.

  • If you have columns in your CSV that are entirely empty we recommend deleting them from the CSV file in order to avoid accidental formatting or errant spaces that may have been placed in them.

  • The system can only process up to 999 profiles per one upload, so if you have more we recommend you creating a couple of separate files that meet this requirement. Having more than 999 profiles in one file will cause the upload to fail.

In some cases, you may notice that the number of profiles on the CSV you uploaded does not match the total profile count on the dashboard. This is most likely due to duplicate emails. (Please note it's not possible to create more than one profile with the same email address. All profiles need to have their own unique email addresses).

Content Uploads to Features via Excel Templates

When uploading the template for feature content, much like with the CSV file, errors can be and in most cases be caused by changing the formatting, the order of the columns, and adding additional columns.

Some common errors that may cause your upload to fail:

  • Not following the included instructions with the template document. 

  • Changing column names in the excel sheet. It's only possible to add the information that there are columns for, adding additional columns will either cause the upload to fail or have information uploaded incorrectly and most likely out of order.

  • Not including all of the sheets with the upload. Every template includes three sheets in each excel file. They are the Instructions sheet, the Feature sheet, and the System sheet.

  • Changing the order of the columns.

  • Changing the information in the UID column. The info in the UID column ties the Excel file to the specific feature in the specific app you are working with. If you are working in just one app or event there is no need to edit or remove any of this information.

Copying a Feature From One App To a Different App or Event.

Often when you are using Attendify apps for multiple events you may find that you want to mirror the features of one of your older apps in your new one. You have two ways to go about this, you can contact the support team and request this be done. This request will usually be done within one business day. Or you can copy the information yourself. Below are steps you can follow to accomplish this.

  • Under the Content tab on your dashboard for the app, you would like to copy features from, select the import button then click the download button to download the template.

  • Copy all of the contents you wish to copy to your new app from the second sheet in the template except for the contents in the UID column on the far right. This second sheet will be the name of the feature you are copying. 

  • On the new app or event, you are moving the content to, select the content tab and the desired feature.

  • Then click the import button again and download the template, this template will be either empty or include any content you may have already added to this particular feature.

  • Lastly, copy and paste the contents from the first sheet into the template. Again make sure you don’t take the UID info from the old template or it will cause the upload to fail.

  • Then save your file and upload the template to see it added to your app.

If you have any questions about this or don't see a solution to an error you might run into please contact the Support team. You can chat with them on any Attendify webpage or send us an email at

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