Stripe Account & Payment Settings

To use the Attendify Registration tool you will need to create a Stripe account, this will serve as a guide on how to do that and a break down of the included fees.

  •  On the tickets tab during set up, scroll halfway down to the bottom till you see the Stripe account option. Click the "Connect with Stripe" button.

  • Doing so will bring up a popup window, in the top right corner you can click the "sign in" option to sign if you already have an account.

If you don't have an account the entire form will need to be filled out so you can create one, to complete the form you will need to include all requested information in its entirety. The Stripe account is necessary so that you can collect the funds from ticket sales for your organization. Once you are finished filling out the account information, click the blue "Authorize access to this account" to complete the connection.

Payment Processing Fees 

  • Credit & Debit Cards: 2.9% plus 30 cents per charge. Stripe charges a fixed fee and a percentage of the transaction each time you accept a credit or debit card payment. The price is the same for all cards. There is no additional charge for failed charges.

  • International Cards: 3.9% plus 30 cents per charge. Stripe accepts international cards for an additional 1%. If the currency conversion is necessary (i.e. the charge currency differs from your payout currency) a 1% conversion fee will also apply.

For more information on processing fees you can go here.

If you have any questions about this or didn't find an answer, please contact our support team via chat on any Attendify webpage or send an email at

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