Attendify Registration Overview

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Attendify’s registration system allows you to create and sell tickets for your event.

Our Registration tool is easy to set up, allowing you to spend more time planning and marketing your event. Best of all, Attendify’s registration system is seamlessly integrated with your Attendify event apps and Audiences, our data management platform. You can register attendees, capture engagement data, and boost participation at your event. 

Attendify registration allows you to:

  • Create and customize a variety of ticket options from free tickets to various tiers of paid tickets.

  • Connect your Stripe account to receive payments quickly. 

  • Customize check-out forms

  • Add personalized terms & conditions specific to your event.

  • Publish an event registration page in minutes.

  • Seamlessly integrate registration with your Attendify event app and Attendify Audiences.

Attendify also includes powerful management tools allowing you to: 

  • Create promo codes for tickets.

  • View the status of ticket orders and manage them.

  • Monitor real-life analytics for ticket sales and generate reports.

  • Manage and add check-in staff for event entry scan.

Attendify Registration Video will dive you into the product overview:


Whenever the above is not enough, our add-on tool, Session Registration can be integrated into your Registration page. It empowers event organizers to let attendees create personalized schedules, cap session attendance per session, and track the duration of a physical attendance with Session check-in. 

Have further questions about Attendify’s Registration? Reach out to us at  or chat with us on any Attendify web page. 

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