The Attendify App

The Attendify App is an Attendify-branded mobile app that serves as a container for events built on Attendify's platform. Every event you launch, in addition to being available on the web, gets published to the Attendify app. So your attendees can access it & watch sessions online from the comfort of their smartphone screens.

Alternatively, you can order a fully branded container app for an additional cost (see pricing). A branded app will have your organization's name & icon and will only contain your organization's events. That type of app requires your organization to have an Apple Developer account and can take up to 15 business days to publish to the App Stores due to Apple's review guidelines.

The Attendify container app has no such requirements and is included for no extra cost. With it you can publish instantly. You can see a more in depth comparison between the two types of apps here.

On the screenshot below, you can see the home screen of the Attendify App. Let's take a closer look at the layout and features:

  • Find events in the search field, this is where attendees would enter the name of your event to join it and access its content. This field makes it easy for attendees to find and join your event.

  • Your Events - the list of events the attendee has already joined. 

Attendees use the same profile to log in to the app that they use to access the event on the web. In fact, they only need one profile to access any event housed within the Attendify app. As soon as they join an event they will have access to the same features that are available on the web, like the Activity Stream, Session Chats, Polls, Push notifications, and more.

Have further questions about the Attendify App? Reach out to us at or chat with us on any Attendify web page.

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