How Do I Update Access Management Settings in a Multi-Event App?

You can easily update access management settings at any point after submitting your multi-event app, both at the App (container) and Event levels.

Container level

Open a multi-event app from your dashboard and proceed to Settings > Access Management option in the side menu. There, you can update the access code for your app or restrict access to a specific list of attendees. Here's a quick rundown of what each setting means:

  • Attendee List: You can limit the ability to register in the app and access its content to a specific list of attendees. After submitting your app you will be able to upload your attendee list via bulk upload and integrations. For an extra layer of security, you have an option to set up email verification — attendees will have to click on the verification link sent to their email address to confirm their identity. Enabling attendee list automatically locks access to the application's content for all unregistered users. For further instructions on uploading the attendee list, follow this link.

  • Support Email: Your virtual events and mobile app include prompts for attendees who have trouble logging in. By default, this is the email associated with your Attendify account, but it can be changed at any time in the Settings.

Individual Event level 

From the dashboard, click to manage your multi-event app, and then select the specific event that you would like to update access settings for. After selecting the event, go to Settings > Access Management. There are three options:

  • Open Access: Keep the event accessible to all attendees who have access to your Multi-Event App.

  • Event Code: Protect your event with an event code (password) that attendees will have to enter in order to access the event content. You can update the event code anytime, even after submitting your app. Please note that you will have to let attendees know the code in an external communication. You can also use the event code to hide your event completely from view in your app, enabling only users with the code to find and access your event.

  • Attendee List: You can restrict access to your event by creating a specific list of prejoined attendees. Just upload a list of attendees on a Container level and prejoin them in this specific event.

Here's a screenshot of what this settings area looks like: 

Have further questions about Attendify’s Access Management? Reach out to us at or chat with us on any Attendify web page. 

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