You can add a Schedule to your event easily, no matter how complex your event’s format is. Include a single or multi-track schedule, integrate live streams or pre-recorded videos for virtual or hybrid sessions, link speakers, documents, and detailed descriptions for each session. There are two ways to create a schedule:

  • Import your Schedule instantly from an Excel file.

  • Use Attendify Hub’s visual schedule building tool.

If you’re using the visual builder, just follow these instructions to create and manage your schedule:

  • Start by entering the dates your event is taking place. Use the calendar picker to choose the start & end date for your event.

  • Select the time zone your event takes place in, and press the “Select” button.

  • The date(s) you selected will now be added in sections, with each section representing the schedule for one day.

  • Choose the time block you want to add your session to and click the blue “+” icon next to it.

  • Enter all the details for your session as prompted. You can embed a stream, link speakers, attach documents, add a detailed description and more.

Tip: You can select the time by clicking on the drop-down arrows for the start & end boxes, or you can click in the boxes and type any time you like.

The schedule supports several global settings that you can edit anytime by clicking the settings.

  • Schedule Type: you can create a basic or personalized schedule for your event. Choose 'Basic Schedule' if you want all sessions in your schedule to be available to everyone. Select 'Personalized Schedule' if you want to make particular sessions visible to particular attendees only. You can find detailed instructions here.

  • Time Format: choose between a 12 and 24-hour time format for your schedule. You can change this setting anytime.

  • Tracks: choose between a single & multi-track schedule giving you the flexibility to set up the schedule to fit your event, no matter how complex.

  • Time Zone: you can change the time zone anytime, choose the appropriate zone to fit the location of your event.

That’s it, you’re all set. Note that you can update the content instantly, anytime, even after your event is live. There is no limit to the number of content uploads through XLSX files.

Check our short video presentation to see how you can configure and manage your schedule:

If you have any questions on this feature please feel free to reach out to us at or chat with us on any Attendify webpage.

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