Polls are an excellent feature to use at your event to boost attendee engagement, gather feedback, and facilitate those important speaker-attendee interactions, helping to make your event feel much more connected. You can post your Poll within a specific Session or on the Activity Stream. You can schedule them to appear at a specific time during your event or to go live immediately.

Session Polls

Offering your speakers the ability to ask their audience a question is an effective way to keep the group engaged in the session. Note that currently only the event admins can create and launch polls.

To add a poll to a session, in your event management backend hover over the "Interactivity" tab and click "Polls", then the blue + "Poll" button. Note that Polls can only be added once the event is published.

From there, choose "Session(s)" in the "Post to" section, then select the appropriate session from the drop-down. Note that if you pick more than one session, the results of the poll will not indicate which session they came from. So if you have similar questions that are session-specific, make sure to create a separate poll for every session.

Choose when you want the poll to appear. You can publish it immediately, pre-schedule for a specific date & time, or save as a draft so you can publish it quickly when the moment comes.

Finally, build out your question and response options:

You can add up to 25 answer options, but we recommend to keep it simple to maximize response rate. The checkbox in the bottom allows you to show or not show poll results after the user submits a response.

Once the poll is posted, attendees will see it in a designated Polls area on the right hand side of the session:

In the mobile app, your attendees can also access the session's Polls in that session's listing:

Polls on the Activity Stream

Adding a Poll to your Activity Stream is an easy way to get a pulse on how your general audience feels about a certain topic. To do this, when creating the poll choose "Activity Stream" in the "Post to" section, then follow the same steps as above.

Polls will appear on the Activity Stream of the Virtual Experience upon a click of the Feed (Activity Stream) feature on the left menu bar.

Poll Results

You can check the poll's results by clicking on that poll in the Polls area of your dashboard. Each Poll also has a live results page that is automatically generated. This page displays the votes in a web browser and updates in real-time. You can grab the URL of this page and send it to the speaker so they can present the results live by sharing their screen. For those attending in-person, you can use the same URL to display your Poll on a TV or projector.

To get to this page, simply click on the published Poll in your dashboard to access the results, then hit Display Results:

*Note: If you have an Event Code enabled for your event and enabled "Use the code to protect your social wall and polling results" in Access Management settings, you'll be prompted to enter that code when clicking Display Results.

You can also switch to the "Voters" tab to see every single vote with the voter name, selected answer, and date:

Use the Filter button to see only votes with a specific answer. You can also use the Search bar to search for specific answers or people who voted.

The "Edit Poll" tab allows you to make changes to the poll, but be careful with editing a poll that's already published: make sure to limit edits to correcting typos to avoid invalidating results.

Lastly, you can close voting or hide the poll altogether by hovering over the three dots button next to the published poll and clicking on the respective action:

Check this short video tutorial to see how polls are managed and created:

Have further questions about Attendify’s Polls feature? Reach out to us at support@attendify.com  or chat with us on any Attendify web page. 

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