How Do I Renew My Event App?

What happens when my app expires?

As soon as your app expires, it is removed from the app stores and we no longer provide updates for it. Some of the attendees who still have the app installed might be able to open it for some time after the removal - as long as there is a cached version on their device. Social functionality will no longer work right after the app is removed, though. If you would like to renew your app, continue to the info below:

One-Event App. You would need to create and build new event app on your dashboard. This is due to a number of limitations that could arise when re-using old app, you can read more about here

Multi-Event App. Multi-event app subscriptions renew automatically. You can update the billing details easily from the Account's Settings page > Products > Branded Event Apps tab. then click on your event in the list and on the icon with 3 dots to find this option.

You will get another free event with the multi-event app renewal, and will be able to update the App Store details.

Should you want to cancel your Attendify account, please get in touch with our Support Team at and we can assist with that process.

Events. Events under multi-event apps are designed for one event only. You would need to create and build new event in your Multi-event app container. 

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