How to Customize the Menu & Edit Labels (Virtual + App)

Adding Features

Features and content within the event can be updated instantly anytime, before or after the event is launched.

If, for example, you would like to have the floor map of the event in your app for those attending in-person, but don’t yet have the image, just launch the event — you’ll always be able to add it later. All users will receive content updates instantly and that includes mobile app users — no need to go to the App Store and Google Play for updates.

Editing Features and Managing Visibility

You can rename features or change their icons by clicking the “Edit” icon on the right side of the feature bar, you will need to hover your cursor over the feature to see it. You can also control visibility of the features based on attendee groups. Click here to learn more. 

Some of the features on the list are mobile-only, which means they will only show up in the mobile app but not in the web experience. As of December 2020, those features are Interactive Map, Map, Twitter, News, Video Album, and Photo Album. They have a special icon next to the feature name so you'll always know if a feature is mobile-only:

Renaming System Labels
You can set up a custom name for the Activity Stream and/or Community section. Just proceed to the Settings tab on the dashboard, enter the Custom Labels section, set up desired names and click "Save".

Note that once you set up a custom name for a system label, in the mobile app it won't default to the system language of your device as it works with default system labels. See more info here

Changing the Order Features Appear In:

You can sort features any way you want by dragging and dropping them inside the "Selected" section. You can learn more about organizing features and content in our dedicated article here. Please note that it's not possible to move the following features around: Activity Stream, Community, Channels (mobile-only feature), and Bookmarks & Notes (mobile-only feature).

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