Which Lead Retrieval Payment Model is best for me?

Offering your exhibitors a Lead Retrieval platform will undoubtedly add value for them at your event, but how should you present the cost to them? What works best for their budgets - and yours? If you'd like to get the most out of Lead Retrieval, your first decision should be how you are charging them for their license.

Attendify's Lead Retrieval platform offers two payment models to choose from:

Revenue Share: This option is a great choice if you are offering Lead Retrieval as an a-la-carte option to your exhibitors. You simply set the price for the Lead Retrieval license and they pay via their Exhibitor Portal. Once they have paid, Attendify will split the revenue from the Lead Retrieval sale with you 50/50. The minimum price is $199 per license.

Flat Fee:
 The Flat Fee model is best suited for events that offer exhibitor packages, i.e. a booth, lead retrieval + other perks (prime logo placement in the app, cocktail reception sponsorship, etc.). To offer this option you, the organizer, must purchase a minimum of 5 licenses up front and then you can distribute the licenses to your exhibitors. The cost per license is $199.

*Please note that you cannot change your Payment Model for Lead Retrieval after you have launched.*

If you have any questions, please reach out to your dedicated customer success manager or Attendify's support team.

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