Attendify Lead Retrieval Overview

Lead Retrieval by Attendify is a powerful tool helping your sponsors and exhibitors get the most out of your event by easily collecting leads, monitoring their social activity, and managing information about leads they have collected. Our lead retrieval system has been designed to bring your event experience to the next level. It creates new opportunities for your vendors to leverage their presence at your event. Here’s a quick summary of some of the key benefits of Lead Retrieval by Attendify:

For Event Planners:

  • The fastest way to deploy lead retrieval on the market.

  • Simple pricing models with a risk-free revenue share option.

  • Quick exhibitor on-boarding with automatic email invites.

  • No extra hardware to purchase or manage.

  • Robust exhibitor management and real-time analytics.

If you are an event planner, check the following articles to get more info on how to launch the lead retrieval for your event, export QR codes to print them on attendee badges or withdraw your revenue

For Exhibitors:

  • Simple pricing that includes an unlimited amount of booth staff licenses.

  • Consistent and efficient lead scanning that can be done from their own mobile device.

  • Ability to create custom surveys to capture essential sales data.

  • Social insights to facilitate follow-up and boost relationship building.

  • Instant interactions with leads via a paired Attendify event app.

  • Real-time analytics on your booth staff's performance, the number of leads scanned, etc.

  • Exhibitor portal with native Salesforce integration.

If you are an exhibitor, check this article on how to use the lead retrieval solution

Check out short product video to learn more:

Make sure you have downloaded the app, you can use these direct links:

The minimum requirement is iOS 9.0 and Android 4.1. The app is also compatible with tablets. 

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