Promoting Your Event App

Event planners have more than enough work on their plates, so when it comes to
promoting an event app, it's easy to overlook a few simple strategies that can do
wonders for boosting app adoption and engagement. Let's take a look at a few best practices:

Get started early

  • Consider promoting your app 2-4 weeks prior to your event start date. This timing is effective in capturing that powerful pre-event excitement your attendees have about going to your event and they will usually be quite receptive to your communications. 

  • Users will be excited to see the schedule and speaker profiles, other colleague or acquaintances that may be attending, receive push notifications, provide pre-event feedback, etc. 

  • All content updates that you make are instant, there's nothing holding you back from launching a bit earlier and updating as you go.

Leverage your event website

  • Announce the app on your event website  Be sure to include direct download links and a QR code to point your attendees directly to your app's listing in the app markets. 

  • If you do not have an event website, you can use the Attendify Websites tool to create one for free! It will include direct links to your App Store/Google Play listing, and any content you've uploaded into your app.

  • Use your promo materials, accessible right in your account, to prepare your event app announcement. 

Your attendee list is your best friend

  • Announce the app in a e-newsletter as soon as it has been approved and published. Introduce it as a networking tool and an event guide, describing the useful features your attendees would find value in.

  • Send a few e-mail reminders about the app before the event, you can even use gamification to your advantage and award prizes to the first ones that engage!

  • Adjust to the tone to your audience. Keep in mind that younger audiences tend to get engaged with networking features, while an older one might value the schedule, speakers, and exhibitor features. Emphasize the benefits of the app! 

Post & tweet your way to high adoption

  • Visuals: Make sure your communications via email, website, etc. contain a visually-engaging imagery that informs attendees that there is an app for the event. Be sure to include a QR code that links to the Landing Page from the promo materials.

  • Texts: Post and tweet about the app when it is available for download. Be sure to announce it on your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles a few times. In case your event has a LinkedIn Group, write about the app there, too. It is an official event conference tool, thus the content is totally relevant and should be shared a number of times.

  • Video: It is always a plus to create a short promotional video that would describe the main benefits of getting the app. If you 

Prompt Discussions and networking opportunities in-app

  • Post some seed content on the Activity Stream to start conversations. You could ask your users what they are most looking forward to or encourage some posts about their experiences traveling to your event. 

  • Consider awarding prizes to attendees that post the most interesting images in the app, and announce them on your Instagram/Facebook feed. We all want our 15 minutes of fame!

Have your speakers pitch-in

  • Ask the keynote speaker to present the app in his/her introductory speech. Nobody wants to feel left out, so this is one of the best ways to promote the app for those who haven't seen your announcements. 

  • Engage speakers to mention the app publicly and via social accounts. They carry a lot of weight and can be a huge influence on the behavior of attendees.

  • Urge speakers to become engaged socially and post to the timeline: having noticed that, attendees will open up and also start connecting.

Make the most of on-site promo opportunities

  • Include the printable promotional materials for the app at your event venue or registration desk. Be sure to train staff to inform each visitor about the app and to be able to help to download it.

  • Be sure to use the Social Wall! It will create buzz about your app on-site and is an excellent tool to stir up some FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)  with those users that have not installed the app.

The best promotion is peer-to-peer. Target your efforts on high-quality content that your attendees will talk about offline which can create some organic interest from those that have not yet downloaded. 

If you have any questions about this or didn't find an answer, please contact our support team via chat on any Attendify webpage or send an email at - we'd love to help!

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