Downloading the Attendify App to Your iPad

Since May 13, 2021, the Attendify app and branded apps created on our platform have their own dedicated iPad versions.

How to download an iPad version to your iPad?

If your event is launched within the Attendify app, just open the Attendify App's landing page on your iPad, and you'll be able to download the dedicated iPad app.

If your event is launched within a Branded App, you'll need to find your app's landing page on the App Store, and download it to your iPad device.

📌 Branded App owners, please keep in mind, that the iPad version does not include splash screen support. While your mobile phone users will see splash screens you have uploaded to your App Store settings, iPad users will see a black/white screen with a 'Loading' message for a couple of seconds instead.

Have any questions? Reach out to our support team in the live chat bubble on the right side of the screen, or email us at

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