Exporting Data from Your Attendify Dashboard

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This guide provides a step-by-step instruction for exporting your data from the Attendify dashboard. It aggregates related resources from the Attendify Help Center each focusing on different types of data you may want to export. The guide is broken down into the following parts:

  1. Event Data Archives
  2. Registration Data 
  3. Event Content Data
  4. Video Recordings 
  5. Segmented Attendee Data
  6. Event Graphics 

1. Event Data Archives

The archive feature enables you to export various kinds of data related to a specific event which includes: 

  • Event Social Activity: Get a full list of attendee profiles from your event. Download all content posted to the activity stream, including likes, comments, and photos. Export polling results, ratings, reviews, and more. 
  • Session Interactivity: Export the content posted by attendees within individual sessions. 
  • Event Analytics: Export the analytics with usage stats for every feature in your app.
  • Streaming: Download RTMP links you generated for your virtual event.  

The beauty of the archive feature is that you can download the information listed above selectively or all at once in just a few clicks. Follow this link to generate your first archive. 

For more information on what granular data is included in every Archive, follow this link or reach out to our support team at support@attendify.com for directions on how to find and download the data you need.  

2. Registration Data

The Registration platform offers a dedicated set of reports available on your event registration management page. Download reports with detailed attendee/order information for all or specific ticket types. Follow this link for a step-by-step export guide. 

3. Event Content Data

Every feature with content in your event menu that supports bulk data upload also provides you the ability to download the content associated with a specific feature.* To start a download, go to the Content tab on your event management dashboard, click into a feature you’d like to export > click on the Import button and select download.


Please note that image export is not supported. If you’d like to download sponsor logos or speakers’ profile pictures, scroll down to the section “Event Graphics.” 

4. Video Recordings

If you selected the option to record your streaming sessions, you can easily download the recording from your event management dashboard. Follow these steps.

5. Segmented Attendee Data

Attendify Audiences data platform provides powerful tools to creatively segment your entire attendees across all your events based on select criteria. Create attendee segments based on registration data, attendee personal information or their engagement activity at your event. Here is how it works.

6. Event Analytics

To save additional event stats such as mobile app downloads, number of social interactions within the event or the number of attendee sessions (logins), we recommend taking screenshots of the Analytics area on your event management dashboard as we do not provide the option to export that data directly. Alternatively, you can copy this information to a separate spreadsheet manually. 


7. Event Graphics 

Currently, it’s only possible to download your event graphics through a workaround method. Follow these steps, and/or click here for a video guide:

  • Right-click on the image you’d like to download and select Inspect
  • In the side menu that appears find a link that begins with “https://s3.amazonaws…
  • Copy the entire link within the quotation marks
  • Paste it in your browser to download the image
  • Repeat the process for every other image you want to download

Have further questions about Attendify’s Archive feature? Reach out to us at support@attendify.com or message us on any Attendify web page from the lower right corner.

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